Friday, 8 December 2017

RBF Based Bind Conversion

Continuing on with the foray into RBF has produced a python function that is able to convert the joint positions in one bind file to another simply based on the vertex data from the two meshes. This concept has been demonstrated in the past by Hans Goddard (3m 30 in) who shows the conversion of mesh data such as clothing from one mesh to another in his video.
Building on this with a bind conversion seems like a logical progression. It should be possible to make quick iterations on multitudes of character types by taking a base mesh with clothing, bound to a skeleton and converting the clothing to a differing mesh before binding it to a skeleton that has been regenerated using the same process. As long as the source skin weights are decent then there is no reason that the target mesh should not achieve the same level of deformation.

We have tried combining the two processes at our studio with a high level of success. This video highlights the bind section of the process.

RBF_based_bind_conversion from SBGrover on Vimeo.

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